Thoughts About Materials

Things are objects of thought, and tangible things are made of materials. Animal, vegetable, and mineral are our basic material choices. One vegetable is wood, and wood comes from trees cut down and cut up. One mineral is steel, and steel comes from iron ore found within the Earth, requiring removal for refinement and use. Mining is a handy method.

The Earthly supply of these materials is limited, and their wise use and conservation must be encouraged. Here we face a paradox. The manufacture of tangible things creates a demand for materials, some of which require a destruction for their use. At this point in time, we must create more than we destroy. This is a rather intricate problem.

How do we know what materials to use?

How can we promote a sustainable economy?


What is an appropriate material to use to make something?

The physical properties of a material must at least equal the physical requirement of the object. If the performance requirements are met or exceeded by any number of materials, then a choice must be made.

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